UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast (7.1.19) with Skip Bayless & Shannon Sharpe | UNDISPUTED


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  • Anthony Murray
    Anthony Murray  2 months back

    Shannon just rubbing it in 😂😂😂😂

    • Pradigy Musicman
      Pradigy Musicman  2 months back

      2 years KD might be back BUT the nets won't have cap space to keep their depth

      • Bruzza Brooks
        Bruzza Brooks  2 months back

        Thanos is joining the new York Knicks 😅😅😅

        • Filipe Almeida
          Filipe Almeida  2 months back

          The best part of Kawhi eventually signing (with the Raptors) will be not having to listen to Skip's nonsense anymore.

          • Jay epperson
            Jay epperson  2 months back

            What’s to be disappointed in, he still do that same special thing in Brooklyn

            • Only 2 Subclasses
              Only 2 Subclasses  2 months back

              Skip & Shannon>Skip and SAS

              • Michael Fernandez
                Michael Fernandez  2 months back

                If Kawai isn’t an alpha why would he go to the Clippers? This sports psychology is getting old 😂

                • Agent Globe Head
                  Agent Globe Head  2 months back

                  They can never make the nets like the Knicks... the clippers can never be the lakers... to many old fans

                  • STJ
                    STJ  2 months back

                    'We making omelettes'

                    Classic Shannon

                    • Martian Martin
                      Martian Martin  2 months back

                      Skip faking it. Acting like he doesn't talk about women when he's with the guys. BS, all men do it. Well, all alpha men do it.

                      • noob artist
                        noob artist  2 months back

                        Maybe the only reason Kawhi's meeting with the lakers is to eat as much time and make the lakers miss out on the good lower tier free agents. Lakers will end up will a big cap space but no decent free agents left to spend on.

                        Randle, seth and terence ross would've made the lakers beast.

                        • Perry L. Fanning
                          Perry L. Fanning  2 months back

                          The Marathon Continues...

                          • big dogger
                            big dogger  2 months back

                            .55 Shannon be laughing like Rafiki from Lion King

                            • Tyrone Franchize
                              Tyrone Franchize  2 months back

                              If the lakers get Kawhi, just make the finals Lakers vs East All Stars

                              • Chris Martinez
                                Chris Martinez  2 months back

                                One day Skip will come to realize that MSG is trash in 2019. Any location can be great if players decide to make it great.

                                • cptamazing12
                                  cptamazing12  2 months back

                                  There’s potential for players at MSG. It could be nice. But it’ll take a special team with special players. The Garden deserves something with heart. Not these hallow super teams. I’ve cringed deep down over these super teams ever since I heard Kevin Garnet scream “anything is possible” after he teamed up with Ray Allen and Paul pierce. The NBA is trash in my opinion.

                                • Tyrone Franchize
                                  Tyrone Franchize  2 months back

                                  toptenguy1 ru ok? Im talking abt a business perspective, theyre in nyc and can go global. Im not even talking abt balling. Get out my mentions now

                                • toptenguy1
                                  toptenguy1  2 months back

                                  @Tyrone Franchize You realize there's a difference between "Playing in MSG" and "Playing in New York City" right? You don't seem to.

                                • Tyrone Franchize
                                  Tyrone Franchize  2 months back

                                  Chris Martinez ... so barclays center aint in brooklyn? Brooklyn aint in NY?

                              • Fredo
                                Fredo  2 months back

                                No one wants the laker to be the new warriors the nba was just balanced don’t upset it again I swear why would you want 3 of the top 5 players on the same team

                                • Jcruz
                                  Jcruz  2 months back

                                  @Fredo you are a churry fan

                                  No more tittles

                                • Fredo
                                  Fredo  2 months back

                                  Jcruz how would you know if I was complaining or not you don’t know me lmaoo

                                • Jcruz
                                  Jcruz  2 months back

                                  You didn't complaint when the warriors where winning every damn year boring

                              • nguyen nguyen
                                nguyen nguyen  2 months back

                                Love Shannon trolling skip. On his lakers lol

                                • Boyde Skinner
                                  Boyde Skinner  2 months back


                                  • BigDiq LilClet
                                    BigDiq LilClet  2 months back

                                    THIS JUST IN!
                                    Kawhi has announced he is only dating mushrooms now, cuz hes a fungi.

                                    • Jamal Burgess
                                      Jamal Burgess  2 months back

                                      It would be so weird if Skip & Shannon ever split up 😂

                                    • Wendy Taylor-Hill
                                      Wendy Taylor-Hill  2 months back

                                      Lakers, please dont mess this up! We want Kawhi in Laker town!!!

                                      • Frank Henry
                                        Frank Henry  2 months back


                                      • bob brown
                                        bob brown  2 months back

                                        Fredo I would love that.

                                      • Fredo
                                        Fredo  2 months back

                                        Wendy Taylor-Hill no one wants that it’s the same thing like the warriors but worst they going to have 3 of the top 5 players that’s aids they would have 3 superstar players

                                    • lamar mikell
                                      lamar mikell  2 months back

                                      SO THAT MEANS THE WARRIORS KNEW BOUT HIS INJURY,
                                      AND THEY KNEW HE WAS LEAVING!!!
                                      SO THAT MEANS TO ME THAT THE WARRIORS WANTED HIM TO BE

                                      • michaelpalmer12
                                        michaelpalmer12  2 months back

                                        I AGREE SAID THE SAME THING.

                                      • Jcruz
                                        Jcruz  2 months back

                                        I wouldn't want to be on a place that they use you until you break Whit out any care about your career