UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast (06.27.19) with Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe & Jenny Taft | UNDISPUTED


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  • J Timms
    J Timms  2 months back

    When was Bosh apost player hahaha this guy is out of his mind

    • NEW YORK
      NEW YORK  2 months back

      Shannon the GOAT

      • NEW YORK
        NEW YORK  2 months back

        Skip = pathetic

        • Etchfamilyguy
          Etchfamilyguy  2 months back

          I'm back! Been gone watching it live but had to cut the bill. Thank you for posting this!

        • Yakari Ross
          Yakari Ross  2 months back

          Stop cutting segments smh

          • philbruin
            philbruin  2 months back

            When LeBron misses a shot he sits there and pouts , never gets back on D

            • NEW YORK
              NEW YORK  2 months back

              @philbruin youre describing all "your missed opportunities" that bring you to this forum to sit here and pout

          • Luv2Ruck
            Luv2Ruck  2 months back

            Don't bring up peytons single season records. Or his 5 mvps. Or the fact that brady has papa belichick.

            • Ian Legg
              Ian Legg  2 months back

              Luv2Ruck well it's pretty much irrelevant at this point lol.

          • STJ
            STJ  2 months back

            Skip is the most biased knob around. Can he be objective just once in his life?

            • NEW YORK
              NEW YORK  2 months back

              Skip is "overdue" for RETIREMENT

            • ty long
              ty long  2 months back

              STJ All of his takes are based around “psychology”. That being said, most of his takes he says just for views

          • tye dye
            tye dye  2 months back

            love the podcast! Great for driving thanks again

            • scott
              scott  2 months back

              Devean Buchanan ?

            • Devean Buchanan
              Devean Buchanan  2 months back

              u jus drviing for a hour jus for a podcast relax lol

          • ShaH M
            ShaH M  2 months back

            did rob parker just said, kyle kuzma is the better 2nd option to a proven all star in Anthony Davis ????

            • Plain Simple
              Plain Simple  2 months back

              LeBron James: He's just trying to give Lakers' fans hope in winning so as the most visible figure of the Lakers, he has to make some type of statement concerning what to expect. If LeBron James works out hard it's no different than any other player working hard during the off season in order to improve their skills.

              Will Kevin Durant Leave the Warriors?: There's no reason for him to leave unless they are treating him in a way where he's not comfortable and money isn't an issue.

              Tom Brady & Peyton Manning: The Rivalry is over and if they have always been friends, then that's good for them - they should do an album together.

              Zion Williamson: He'll do a good job and that Pelicans' organization has done an excellent job in building a young team that will play hard and listen to their coaching staff while growing together - that's what fans in New Orleans deserve - a real chance when it comes to NBA basketball.

              Jimmy Butler's Future: Wherever Jimmy Butler winds up he'll be a great benefit towards his team; Jimmy Butler always lands on his feet.

              • Mike Barnes
                Mike Barnes  2 months back

                Seriously nobody cares. AT ALL

              • Plain Simple
                Plain Simple  2 months back

                @Kyza Yorke Thank You... I try

              • Kyza Yorke
                Kyza Yorke  2 months back

                No one care bout the book u tryna write.keep it simple fool😑

            • Jason Park
              Jason Park  2 months back

              Whoever is uploading these videos, thanks for ALL the timestamps. Much appreciated!

              • Gulab Singh
                Gulab Singh  2 months back

                I’m back to work

                • Louis Michael
                  Louis Michael  2 months back


                  • Louis Michael
                    Louis Michael  2 months back

                    Ian Legg well its wrong cause I was first

                  • Ian Legg
                    Ian Legg  2 months back

                    Louis Michael weird mine shows you commented 7 hours ago but another fella posted 8 hours ago.

                • Louis Michael
                  Louis Michael  2 months back

                  Being in the black is good, money wise shay. Lol